Families Centered Around Christ

Hi, this is Kathleen Diaz sending you greetings, hoping this message finds you well. By now, most of us are tired of hearing about COVID. This word was adopted into our vocabulary in an instant. Here we are, a year later, still trying to figure it out. What's next? The positive side of COVID is that we were given an opportunity to reset.

Let us take a trip back to creation. After God created a wonderful world, He created Adam. In Genesis 2:18, we find the following statement: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him." God had a vision for man to have a family. God knew the joy a family would bring. Who is your family — your mom, dad, wife, children? Think about the joy they bring to your life. I bet right now you're smiling, just thinking of them brings warmth to our hearts. During this past year, we discovered what it was like being with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What a challenge that has been. If there was an ad saying we will pay a family to stay home with no interaction with anyone outside your household for a whole year, we would have said, "No, that is just impossible." But as humans do, we adapt. We learn how to talk to our children more often; we learn to be with our parents for longer periods; we learn to work beside our spouses. (That was a tough one!)

This takes me to a story in the Bible where humans went through the same situation. Now we can truly say, "I can relate to what they went through." This is the story of Noah. Noah stayed inside the ark an estimated 370 days. This is a whole year, and a little bit more. In the story of Noah, we find that his family believed in a promise God communicated with Noah only. Imagine you are having dinner one day, and your father says, "God has instructed me to build an ark." And as he narrated more details of the instructions given by God, his family believed. Noah had taken the time to prepare his family to always believe in the word of God.

Family is a precious gift God designed for humankind in times of pain, suffering and joy, they are by our side. When we make God the center of our family, that home will reflect His love. We will still struggle, be upset and go through many trials. But imagine if we had a home where Christ is known and loved and served, where children come to Him through their parents — what a joy that would be.

When the time came to enter the ark, his whole family entered with him. When it was time to come out of the ark, Noah again gathered his family and praised God. We find in Genesis 8:20: "And Noah builded an alter unto the Lord; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean foul, and offered burnt offerings on the altar."

What would you do when we return to our regular schedules? I invite you to begin a daily family worship today. Give thanks to God for the family He has given you. Let us hold our loved ones dear. We were given a birth family, a church family and a school family. Noah did not want to go into the ark alone. He wanted his family to join him and be secure inside the ark. Let us encourage each other to live every day in Christ, to build a daily home altar where the center of our family is always God. One day, we will be able to see the King of kings and say, "Here am I and the children (or the family) the Lord has given me!" Isaiah 8:18. May God bless you.