July 21, 2020

Dan Jackson spends a moment in reflection inside the NAD headquarters C.D. Brooks Prayer Chapel. Photo by Pieter Damsteegt
Dan Jackson spends a moment in reflection inside the NAD headquarters C.D. Brooks Prayer Chapel. Photo by Pieter Damsteegt

Within the first week of July, there was a transitional event that will have a transcendental impact for the Adventist church in North America: the election of the new president of the North American Division.

I want to begin by giving a tribute to Elder Daniel Jackson, our North American Division president. He announced his retirement a year ago to be effective at the General Conference Session planned for last month. Although this worldwide event for our church was postponed until May of next year, Elder Jackson decided to go ahead with his retirement plans. After serving in this position for 10 years, there is no doubt that he is leaving a legacy for our church in North America that will last for a long, long time. His charming personality, his clear vision, his advocacy for equality, his passion for soul winning and his belief in the younger generation in our church made him the right person to lead our church in North America for the last 10 years. Click here to read more about Dan & Donna Jackson’s ministry in the North American Division.

My acquaintance with this man of God began in May 2014 at the historic meeting with all NAD conference administrators to address the future of the Seventh-day Adventist church in North America. (Learn more at http://www.nadchurchstudy.org/.)

Dan & Donna Jackson
Dan & Donna Jackson

Obviously, when I was elected conference president in 2015, my relationship with him was closer; and I discovered that he was a courageous leader, a practical administrator, and a joyful and cheerful friend. Whatever he did, he always was smiling and having fun. At the same time, when serious matters had to be addressed, he was serious and purposeful. He is a genuine person and a Christian man.

His wife, Donna, who is also retiring from her role as associate director for the NAD’s Ministerial Association, is such a sweet and caring person. In her role, she showed a passion for the wellness, growth and happiness of the pastors’ spouses. She developed materials and organized and led events for these spouses, as well as the NAD Executive Committee members' spouses when the year-end meetings took place.

May the Lord bless this wonderful couple, instruments of our Lord, to advance His Kingdom in the North American Division.

G. Alexander Bryant
G. Alexander Bryant

Now, I want to offer a salutation to Elder G. Alexander Bryant as the new North American Division President. On Thursday, July 9, 2020, the General Conference Executive Committee elected him as president for our division as recommended by the NAD Executive Committee.

Since 2008, I have become acquainted with Elder Bryant. He, being the Executive Secretary for our division, and me, holding the same position for our conference, both of us had the opportunity to work together in the Secretariat area of the church administration.

I’m pleased to see Elder Bryant as our top division leader. His ministerial experience, his administrative qualities, and his evident passion for seeing a united diverse North American church make him the right leader during these difficult times.

I am convinced that the appointment of Elder Bryant as the top leader for our church in North America will advance the mission of our church in our division tremendously. Click here to become acquainted with this church leader.

Please keep in our prayers these two families, and ask the Lord for His guidance, protection and wisdom as each move into their new roles.

Your fellow traveler,

Velino A. Salazar