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Worship & Ministry in Light of New Mandates

Just yesterday evening, the mayor of the city of Los Angeles, the L.A. County Department of Public Health and the governor of the state of California announced sweeping new mandates. These orders state that we, as California residents, must stay home from all non-essential outings. (Click here for more detail as to what constitutes "non-essential," plus answers to other frequently asked questions.) After reviewing the guidelines and consulting with legal counsel, here's how these orders affect our previous direction. The following direction is effective immediately until further notice.

1. Worship services livestreamed from the local church facility

Effective immediately, no individuals are to gather at the church facility for any reason across the entire conference territory. This applies to individuals who may have been scheduled to assist with facilitating and livestreaming the service and individuals planning to be present to inform members and visitors who show up that in-person services are suspended. (Click here for livestreaming resources.)

2. Community service

It is still permitted to distribute food to the elderly or underprivileged as long as the four requirements below are followed. Any group involved in distributing food must be comprised of no more than 9 individuals. 

  1. Strictly follow social distancing measures by requiring individuals present to be separated by at least 6 feet from all other attendees
  2. Have washing facilities available with hand soap or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  3. Place a conspicuous sign at the entrance asking the public not to attend and prohibiting anyone who is experiencing coughing or sneezing
  4. Follow communicable disease control recommendations provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, including guidance for cleaning and disinfecting the site

3. Church staff

It is no longer permitted for any members of the church staff to be present at the church facility at any time.


We have compiled a growing list of resources and invite you to explore them as you seek to minister with unique and creative new methods. While even small gatherings at the church are no longer permitted, please consider the various possible options: Facebook live or YouTube live are among the easiest options. Please visit the link below for a list of resources and to find help taking your church digital, including a guide to livestreaming from home.

Let us all come together as a church family in united prayer and faith, as we continue to worship and minister in a different way for a time.