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Powerful Tactics to Increase Parent & Family Engagement through Facebook

It’s no secret that most schools struggle to properly reach their audience on Facebook.And if they do, often by chance, they usually fail to keep them engaged.


Marketing Your School: How Visible Is Your School?

I am assuming that your school is well-known within your local community. But what about beyond that community? Are you visible to families looking for a school like yours? How will they know that your school fits their specific requirements? Well, there are several things you can do to reach that ...


Making Social Media Work for Your School |

A decade ago you spent a fortune on a gorgeous catalog and a couple of recruiting trips. Then you waited. If you had gotten your catalogs into the right hands and had a good turnout for your recruiting trips, you were in good shape.


7 Fatal Mistakes of School Website Design

If you’re in charge of your school website, or on the team that manages it, there’s a good chance you get an earful of suggestions on how to improve it.


Top Private School Website Design Trends for 2018 | Blackbaud K-12

Editorial Note: Listen to a discussion about this article on the Get Connected podcast, Episode 49: Star Wars T-Shirts & 2018 School Website Design Trends.. It often seems like website design trends change with the seasons, which can be frustrating for private schools trying to maintain a modern look to win over admission prospects.


Digital Marketing Tips for Private Schools

Statistics show that only a small portion of American students are enrolled in private schools. It has become extremely important for private schools to market themselves well to encourage enrollment.


How to Build an Effective School Marketing Plan this Year

A marketing plan is a crucial piece of your school’s overall business plan. It outlines your goals, how you’ll get there, and the budget and resources you need to make it happen. Follow these eight steps to get started.