Weekly Health Tips | 2017

December 2017 

Skipping breakfast was associated with increased risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in a study of over 4,000 in Spain. Env. Nutrition, 1/18

Cauliflower has many nutritional benefits + is linked to cancer prevention. If linked with irradiation, can also inhibit cancer cell growth. Environ. Nutrit. 11/17

Contrary to popular belief, microwave cooking doesn't destroy more nutrients or create dangerous compounds. As safe as regular cooking. BerkleyWellnessLet 12/17


November 2017

One thought will not make a pathway in the mind. For a deep mental path, we must think over & over thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. Henry Thoreau

Americans 2x as likely to develop knee osteoarthritis than in early 20th century. Thought to be due to inactivity, poor diet, low fiber. Berk. Wellness Letter 12/17

Fat but fit people still are 28% more likely to develop heart disease than non-obese people. European Heart Journal 8/14/17

Boost brain health: Increase natural antioxidants with soybeans, beans, whole grains, nuts, dark leafy veg, dried fruit, bananas, celery. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 10/21

To decrease sodium intake dramatically avoid processed foods. Mayo Clinic Health Letter Nov. 2017


October 2017

Pomegranates have up to 3 times the antioxidant levels of green tea or red wine + fiber, Vit C&K, folate, copper. Environmental Nutrition, Nov. 2017.

Staying occupied with new and challenging tasks or a new hobby keeps brain cells active & healthy. Mind, Mood & Memory, Oct. 2017.

Diets of fruits/veggies/seeds/nuts/grains/fish—over 20 years less likely to have belly fat & fatty liver than with meat/refined grains/fruit juice. Obesity 8/17

Persons who engaged in social activities, used computer or played computer games or did crafts were 25% less likely to develop Cognitive Impairment than those who seldom did those activities. JAMA Neurology Jan, 2017


September 2017

Helping others and doing activities that help you have a purpose in life helps sleep quality. Sleep Science & Practice, July 2017

Adults in one study who never watched TV while eating, 37% less likely to be obese than if always watched while eating. J of Acad Nutrition & Dietetics 2.24.17

Just one alcoholic drink per day increased breast cancer risk in a review of 119 studies of over 12 million women. World Cancer Research Fund International May

If you gain just 5-22 lbs in early adulthood this significantly increases risk for major chronic diseases such as diabetes & high BP in later adulthood. JAMA, 31


August 2017

Eating majority of calories earlier in the day vs. late in the day helps to manage weight despite same amount of calories. Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, 8/17

Almost half of women don't realize that heart disease is the top cause of death in women. Mayo Clinic Hlth Letter Jul 2017.

Amer. Acad. Pediatrics sasy No juice < 1yr old, need milk. 1-3 yrs., 1/2 c; 4-6 yrs., 1/2-34 c; > 7 yrs., 1 c max/d to prevent tooth decay & obesity. www.aap.org

It's true! Dark chocolate protects against heart attacks, heart failure & deaths, and even A-fib! Harvard Health Letter, Aug 2017

In a new analysis of 20 studies on nuts, one ounce of nuts per day lead to a 29% decreased risk of heart disease. Berkeley Wellness Letter, June 2017


July 2017

Eight of ten people in U.S. exceed recommended sodium limit. Most salt comes from prepared foods, salt at table is minor contribution. Environmental Nutrition, A

Coconut oil (82% saturated fat) raises bad cholesterol more than beef or butter. Polyunsaturated oils (corn, soy, peanut) better for cooking. Circulation 6/15/1

Bacon, soda and too few nuts were 3 of the 10 food choices causing 45% of US deaths in recent large studies. JAMA, March, 2017

Needing less sleep as we age is a myth. At least 7-9 hrs. needed. Lack of sleep assoc. with obesity, diabetes, high BP, heart disease. Harvard Hlth Ltr 7/17


June 2017

Resist multi-tasking and eliminate noise and other distractions to help you improve short-term memory. Mind, Mood & Memory, June 2017

Remembering to remember something was enhanced in a British study by inhaling the scent of the herb Rosemary. Mind, Mood & Memory, June 2017

Eating fried potatoes > 2-3 times/wk doubled mortality risk in 8 yr study.  Am J Clin Nutr. June 2017

To cut down on salt, especially when dining out, think "SCIP" – Smoked, Cured, Instant, Processed. Skip those foods. Harvard Heart Letter, June 2017


May 2017

Days using opioid medications can lead to dependency and may take months/years to overcome. Avoid ot rake those least likely to addict. Mind, Mood, Memory 6/17

Although best to exercise most days of the week, even exercising once or twice per week cuts risk of death from heart disease by 40%. JAMA Int. Med, 3/6/17

Emotional stress may trigger the brain's fear center area called the amygdala to create inflammation that can cause a heart attack. Lancet, Jan 11, 2017

Older women exposed to dirty air have twice the risk of dementia, and if a genetic risk for Alzheimer's, a 3-fold risk from exposure. Transitional Psychiatry Ja

Doing good deeds or community service appears to give you a sharper brain over those who do not get involved. Mind, Mood & Memory, Apr. 2017

April 2017

Getting less sleep than 7 hours nightly may lead to an extra 385+ of calories eaten the following day, contributing to wt gain. Berkeley Wellness Ltr. 4/17

Besides fish, good Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in flaxseed, canola oil, raw tofu, walnuts, dark green leafy veggies, wheat and oat germ, & fortified food

One kiwi fruit has > a day's worth of Vitamin C. Persons who take the most Vit. C have fewer wrinkles & less skin dryness. Env. Nutrition, May 2017

Staying physically active for at least an hour a day may cancel out the increased risk of mortality from being sedentary a lot. UC Berkeley Wellness Ltr, 3/2017


March 2017

Losing just one hour of the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep doubles your risk for car crashes compared to those with adequate sleep. Mind, Mood, & Memory, 3/17

2 Recent studies suggest thoughts may be as important as High BP, cholesterol, and blood sugar in causing death from heart dis. BMC Pub Hlth, Nov. 2016

We average 3 million steps per yr. Wear properly fitted shoes to avoid many foot conditions. Wide toe area, mostly avoid high heels. Mayo Clinic Sp. Rpt. 11/16

Whole grains are superfoods, with more protein, fiber, vits/mins/antioxidants than refined ones. At least 1/2 of grains should be whole. Mayo Clin Hlth Ltr, 1/17.

New imaging studies of the brain reveal how stress, fear and anxiety cause inflammation that raise heart attack risk. Harvard Heart Letter, April, 2017


February 2017

Eating 3 or more servings of whole grains had 19% < risk of heart dis. 15% < for cancer 17% < risk of death of any cause.  BMJ

Research indicates theres no reason to use antibacterial soaps. They're no more effective than plain soap at getting rid of germs. Mayo Clinic Hlth Ltr 3/17

Loneliness increases chances of death by 14%. As risky as 15 cigarettes a day. Visit a friend! (UCLA Healthy yrs. Vol HY16)

Your exercise doesn't burn as many calories as you think. You can out-eat your exercise. Improve food choices! Env. Nutrition, Mar, 2017

January 2017

Lifestyle changes are just as important in lowering High blood pressure & also reducing diabetes risk as medication Harvard Health Letter 1/1/2017

To Keep Exercise Goals: Pick activity you enjoy, Set a goal, Pick a time, Start slowly, Exercise with friend. Success! Harvard Heart Letter, Jan, 2017

Agave syrup inot healthier than sugar or honey. Sugar is half fructose, half glucose. Agave syrup is up to 80% fructose! Berkeley Wellness Letter, Vol 33, Is