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This is a resource page for LA Metro Region pastors where you will find a growing list of resources for your ministry. Keep checking back (bookmark this page as needed), as we will keep updating this page over time. 


Mar 9 (Canceled due to SCC Retreat that week)
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LAMR Committee Meetings: 
Mar 14
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The evangelism request form is now available and open to receive requests until March 15. 
- For those needing funds right away, we will be approving funds by the end of Feb. The rest will be approved after March 15. 
- In light of our LA Metro Strategic process for 2022 we will consider evangelism funds to be used for consultant fees and resources to help facilitate missional clarity in line with our LA Metro strategic plan. 

Evangelism application can be found by clicking here ---> HERE

SCC is conducting in-person training for VBS leaders on February 20, 9am-12pm. Please share this with your children’s ministry leaders. For more information, registration and fee click HERE:

Our yearly required meeting for all SCC pastors is Monday February 28, 9am IN-PERSON at Vallejo Drive Church. This will be followed by State of the Conference meeting at 6pm by ZOOM. 

The “One Table” Pastor’s Spiritual Retreat will take place March 6-8, 2022, at the Southern California Conference Camp Cedar Falls.
- Please register by February 20, for this retreat, please ask a someone as your roommate and then send both of your names to Cherie Vendorius at


SCC Digital Ministries Resource Group, Youtube Channel

We are creating a growing resource on Digital Ministry created for SCC pastors and ministry leaders on Facebook with helpful tips and resources on all thing digital. You can also find these videos and a growing list of topics by clicking HERE.




LAMR Ministers Meeting Guest Speaker for March 10, 2021

Heidi A Campbell is Professor of Communication and a Presidential Impact Fellow at Texas A&M University. She is also director of the Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies. Her research focuses on technology, religion and digital culture. She joined us live on our Zoom meeting on March 10. You can find here website --> HERE. For a list of free resources she shared during our meeting click --> HERE.




Faith for Today's Indestructible Event

For more information on a new evangelism outreach by Roy Ice from Faith for Today click here.


LA Metro Region Director's 2020 Year-End Report

The Region Director's Year-End Report was presented in the January 27th Ministers Meeting and is available for download by PDF here.


SCC COVID-19 Relief Fund

There is still time! In light of additional funding the application deadline has been extended. To submit an application for up to 5 families per church, click here.


SCC Digital Ministry Network, Every Tuesday at 1pm on Facebook

The Southern California Conference has created a helpful resource to mentor and network pastors as we incorporate the latest technology to improve connectivity with our digital audiences. It is an interactive network with articles, videos and helpful links with product recommendations and best practices. We stream a weekly 30 minute interactive video every Tuesday at 1pm. You can find the SCC Digital Ministry Support Network by clicking this link.  


Remote Working

As we are all working remotely, please keep in mind the expectation at SCC is that we work remotely from home and not from a more distant location. We ask that any travel during and after Covid-19 adheres to vacation or sick days as per policy. 


LA Metro Region Evangelism Funds Request

This year the evangelism request process will be online. Link will be posted here soon and we will alert you when that is ready. The application deadline is March 31.


PUC Education Endowment Scholarship

Please feel free to share with your members the new link for applying for PUC Scholarship fund found on this link.


Pacific Union Evangelism Endowment Fund

For proposed evangelism projects exceeding $10,000 there is a commitment from the Pacific Union to fund up to four projects per conference. You can view project the guidelines here. You can download the application here



LA METRO REGION MEETING NOTES (Meeting held September 9, 2020)

The theme of this meeting was Adapting to the Digital Age where we discussed how various companies are adapting or unable to adapt to the digital age. We found applications for churches to adapt, including:

  1. Be realistic about our future and the need to adapt. 
  2. Prioritize innovation over the status quo.
  3. People are our most important resource. Have a plan to develop them into Kingdom agents.  

As we move forward in these unprecedented times, we need to remember that we are a movement that seeks people for the Kingdom of God while using every available means to develop people into agents of the Kingdom. 




The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations by Schaller & Crilly, 

Kingdom Come by Reggie McNeal

The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life by Os Guiness



These Once-Invincible Companies are Struggling to Adapt to the Digital Age


Kodak's First Digital Moment


Fortune 500 Global Summit video on the need to adjust to digital age:





To view Danny Chan's video on how to improve the home studio click here. Feel free to share with anyone who creates content for your worship services:


NORTH HILLS CHURCH STREAMING RESOURCES, presented by Tim Cress on May 6, 2020

Next Gen Resources

Free Worship Service Platform

Games and Interactions

Training Videos for Gathering Member Content

Facebook Groups

Free Video Editing Software



Christ Watkins presented several affordable options for churches who have not set up a worship streaming solution for the post-Covid-19 era, or for those who wish to enhance their current streaming practices. To view the spreadsheet of recommended options, click here. In that document each product is a clickable link to a web page where items can be reviewed and purchased. 

To reach Chris Watkins for consulting purposes you can email him at



Cultivating Digital Communities Resources

NAD Resources & Good Ministry Practices During COVID-19 Era

NAD has posted a lot of relevant posts, with helpful suggestions ministering in Shelter in Place era on their website:


Free Web Streaming Resources

Free service streaming options:


Pono Lopez's Presentation Links

Streamlabs OBS (Download for Mac)

Tutorials for Streamlabs OBS

Zoom+Facebook Live

Best Settings on OBS for Livestream and Recording

How to get AMAZING Live Stream Quality

Lighting Tutorial


Pastor Matthew Lucio's Presentation Links:

YouTube link

Kahoot live polling service


Teleprompter App for phone and tablet (App suggestion by Danny Chan):