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SCC Welcomes Fred Warfield as HR Director

This spring, Southern California Conference (SCC) welcomed Fred Warfield as their HR director. Warfield comes to Southern California from Maryland, where he most recently directed the launch of a virtual school during COVID-19. Prior to that, Warfield served as the HR director at the Potomac Conference for five years.

According to SCC Executive Secretary John H. Cress, who worked with Warfield in the Potomac Conference, “Fred seeks to pursue the values of the kingdom in how he relates to people and serves. He thrives well in a diverse environment, which makes him a perfect candidate for the HR position in SCC.”

Warfield’s experience, too, has been diverse, allowing him to understand the work of the employees he serves. “What I enjoy most is just serving the people in any way I can,” Warfield shared. Having worked as an ordained pastor and taught at two academies, he knows the ropes when it comes to working in the field. “It can be very difficult work! What fulfills me is just being there to support as they carry out their work on the front lines. Whether they experience illness and need FMLA, as they grow their families through childbirth, or get injured on the job and need workers comp, HR has a unique opportunity to assist so that employees can focus on the mission and on their families.”

HR is a multifaceted field, especially set in the unique context of Southern California. “I believe Fred will bring a steady and calm leadership approach to our HR,” Cress noted. “He will provide thoughtful conversation to complex issues that we often face as an organization in Southern California. We are fortunate to have such a high caliber of a human resource director join us following up the good work that Iris Chuah has done.” Warfield recalls the motto he worked with in the Potomac Conference: “Serving those who serve.”

Warfield wants to bring this same motto to his work at SCC, where one of his goals will be about supporting administration as well as the workers in our churches and schools.

“My goal is just to infuse in the workforce the idea that they have support, that they’re not on their own,” Warfield shared. “Of course, they have ministerial, educational, and other administrative assistance, but as it relates to HR and the personal areas that impact them, just to know that they are supported—that would be a win for me—for them to say, ‘If I have an issue, I can call HR. They care and are here for us!’”

Warfield will be joined in California by his wife of 15 years, Lindzie, who currently works as HR director at Frontline Community Services, and three children, Pheobe, 13, Michaela, 11, and Harvey, 5.